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Bitcoin Magazine was one of the original bitcoin and cryptocurrency-focused publications. Vitalik Buterin and Mihai Alisie co-founded Bitcoin Magazine in 2012. Today, it is owned by BTC Inc.

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I still can't believe people fell for the Steem Ponzi scheme. Myopic users thought they'd receive $4000 / blog post.

2016-09-08 | Full Review


Dentacoin went from over a billion dollars to less than $80 million.

Before you harp on about the market going down, just think about the valuations of projects prior to the correction. Dentacoin $1 billion and Tron $16 billion.

2018-03-30 | Full Review


Golem is Airbnb for your CPU :)

2016-12-18 | Full Review

I'm fine with Ethereum Classic existing. I'm just saying that I'm not interested in putting my own effort toward it.

2016-08-05 | Full Review


I'm trying to understand how Praos accomplishes semi-synchronous consensus....However, even in this case, you're getting semi-synchronous chain growth, not semi-synchronous safety, as if there is a situation where a node accepts a block as finalized, and then network latency suddenly increases sharply (eg. it keeps rising exponentially), then an attacker chain could outgrow it. So it's not quite the same thing that you can get with traditional BFT-inspired algorithms...

2018-07-29 | Full Review


If I was doing anything seriously privacy-demanding, I'd probably go for Zcash first.

2018-05-07 | Full Review


If you want full crypto-decentralization, DAI still exists and works great.

2018-10-23 | Full Review


I received $1,000 this week from a friend. PayPal shows $955 as withdrawable amount.

$45 fee for a $1,000 payment, while Bitcoin processes $194 million with $0.1

2018-12-01 | Full Review

There are many crypto exchanges, fiat on-ramps and OTC platforms.

What crypto severely lacks is merchant adoption. Glad (and somewhat relieved) to see projects increasing merchant adoption of crypto.

Users can book 450,000 hotels with BNB.

2018-12-04 | Full Review


I have my disagreements with the Bitcoin roadmap, PoW, etc but they're trying to do something that's genuinely cool tech. BSV is a pure dumpster fire.

2018-12-25 | Full Review


Right now my favorite token model is OMG-style staking tokens. Reasons:

- Not a medium-of-exchange token
- Clear valuation model (expected discounted future transaction fees minus the node operation cost)
- Requires running a node to get returns, not passive income (so more legally defensible)

2017-12-11 | Full Review


"EOS is secure because the hegemon has a lot of power and can counterbalance the bad people"

Hmm, what other class of systems is that the security model of?

2018-09-29 | Full Review


I strongly disagree with many of IOTA's technical decisions (trinary, custom hash functions, POW on transactions), and find some of their behavior deeply egregious to the point where it goes beyond mere negligence. The "security flaw as copy protection" thing is particularly offensive, and makes it difficult to trust the current dev team.

2017-09-26 | Full Review

12.5% of the BCH block reward is being redirected from miners to "a Hong Kong corporation". This [is being billed] as voluntary, but in reality it is of course a compulsory soft fork. It's worth noting the irony here: BCH, a chain that was born as a reaction to an ideology that claims that soft forks are the only legitimate way to make changes because they are "voluntary" is.... making a controversial soft fork and insinuating that it's voluntary.

The idea here is that miners should be proposing different consensus rules and trying to enforce them by forking off non-compliant blocks, and this will naturally stabilize toward consensus rules that the majority is okay with.

I disagree with this market-for-consensus ideology because it has nasty equilibria and could easily lead to entrenched interests. This miner group seems to respect the concern (after all, BCH largely gave up market-for-consensus for block size too) and made the fund time-limited:

2021-01-22 | Full Review