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William Mougayar

William Mougayar is Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer at JM3 Capital, an investment fund focused on blockchain technology. He's also the founder of Token Summit, an annual conference on crypto tokens.

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When you talk to developers, and see the level of activity around the Ethereum technology, you will quickly realize that Ethereum is spurring business and societal innovation at the global level, while opening the door to a new class of applications, never seen before. Ethereum is leading the pack in decentralized applications protocols because of the support and vibrancy of its community members who are being drawn by the superiority of its platform capabilities.

2015-05-23 | Full Review


Over $20 Million in STEEM distributed to @steemit users since launch says Ned Scott @certainassets #Steemfest. Proof of a real work Token

2017-11-02 | Full Review


If regulators push out security tokens from the big exchanges, more crypto trading will move to decentralized on-blockchain relayed networks, and that will be a boon for decentralized protocols such as 0x.

2018-03-09 | Full Review


Ethereum’s momentum and lead are real and distance other ecosystems by orders of magnitude, but even that sheer momentum cannot on its own pull the industry forward.

2018-10-28 | Full Review