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Algorand is an open-source blockchain built around proof-of-stake. Algorand is designed to scale to billions of users.

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Algorand now offers a 85% refund in 3 weeks for the first auction if you give up the 90% strike 1 year, and canceled the planned following auctions.

If distribution itself can be so dramatic and dubious, I have little confidence in all other aspects, not even mention code is law.

Dovey Wan, Founding Partner at Primitive Ventures

2019-08-01 | Full Review


Algorand is so asynchronous safety, a more than half honest assumption, no incentive mechanism design...

2017-09-10 | Full Review


Using a novel consensus algorithm called threshold relay, Dfinity and Algorand aim to offer DBP, safety, more scalability than Ethereum within a single shard (though far less than the scalability offered by DPoS), and fast TTF. If threshold relay works in practice as well it has in test environments, we can expect to see Dfinity and Alogrand shard their chains and leverage the fast TTF and low latency to provide for efficient cross-shard communications.

2018-02-23 | Full Review


Algo is an IQ test and top-buyers thinking this would be a listing-pump failed it in flying colors.

Su Zhu, Founder and CEO of Three Arrows Capital

2019-06-25 | Full Review


Today marks a big milestone for the Algorand Core Team and Algorand Foundation. They conducted the first on-chain Algorand auction and it came off without a hitch....

The auctions themselves are meaningful in several ways. They show off a capability that is built natively into the Algorand blockchain. This capability will be useful for all sorts of auctions, not just of Algos but of other items. This is a novel way of combining price discovery with ongoing funding for the development of Algorand

2019-06-19 | Full Review