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Vlad Zamfir

Vlad Zamfir is a researcher at the Ethereum Foundation. He's the lead developer for Ethereum's Casper Proof-of-Stake upgrade.

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  • Vlad Zamfir on Zcash Researcher at the Ethereum Foundation

    I like Zcash because I think private unmediated digital cash is incredibly important for a cashless society. They have more expertise with zk-SNARKs than anyone in the space (not counting the SCIPR Lab). Worst thing about Zcash is they want to call hard forks "network upgrades."

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  • Vlad Zamfir on Tezos Researcher at the Ethereum Foundation

    Tezos has less checks and balances than off-chain governance in BTC or ETH because it disenfranchises node operators of their role in governance.

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  • Vlad Zamfir on Algorand Researcher at the Ethereum Foundation

    Algorand is so bad....no asynchronous safety, a more than half honest assumption, no incentive mechanism design...

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  • Vlad Zamfir on Cosmos Researcher at the Ethereum Foundation

    On chain governance is a disaster -- coin vote based governance [as in Cosmos] is a disgrace....it disenfranchises everyone who doesn't have coins -- even those with only a small amount.

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