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Spencer Noon is an investor at DTC Capital, a diversified crypto fund. He formerly worked in Business Development at SeatGeek, and as an Analyst at UBS.

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Crypto is down overall, but I'm getting really bullish on Ethereum Classic. Why?

* Scripting language of ETH
* Economics like BTC

And the big one for ETC:

* Institutional investors evaluating "fundamentals" will love how it leverages the best features from the top two coins.

2017-05-26 | Full Review

I just had a :wow: product moment in crypto (this is rare). Finally got around to downloading the Brave browser -- not having ads is a bit surreal. I'm excited to see Basic Attention Token rolled out broadly.

2018-01-29 | Full Review


0x: continuing to write the playbook for building a decentralized network + community from scratch.

2018-07-02 | Full Review


Ethereum is currently running laps around every other cryptocurrency in terms of protocol and ecosystem development — and it's not even close.

2018-12-04 | Full Review


DAI doesn't scale through arbing.

It scales b/c of a killer app: loans.

I can borrow $10,000 for a year and only pay 50 bucks in fees to do it.

Plus I don't have to sell my assets (e.g. ETH).

For most people there is nowhere on planet earth where you can get a loan that cheap.

2019-01-08 | Full Review


Consider the profile of most stablecoins today: USDC, TUSD and GUSD. They are largely dollar-backed coins by centralized companies. They are not private nor censorship resistant.

2018-12-22 | Full Review


A core tenet of Cosmos is that blockchains should be sovereign, meaning they are 100% in control of their own governance. In this world, ETH can fit into the internet of blockchains and its governance will continue to operate as it currently does.

2019-03-14 | Full Review