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Spencer Noon is an investor at DTC Capital, a diversified crypto fund. He formerly worked in Business Development at SeatGeek, and as an Analyst at UBS.

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Crypto is down overall, but I'm getting really bullish on Ethereum Classic. Why?

* Scripting language of ETH
* Economics like BTC

And the big one for ETC:

* Institutional investors evaluating "fundamentals" will love how it leverages the best features from the top two coins.

2017-05-26 | Full Review

I just had a :wow: product moment in crypto (this is rare). Finally got around to downloading the Brave browser -- not having ads is a bit surreal. I'm excited to see Basic Attention Token rolled out broadly.

2018-01-29 | Full Review


0x: continuing to write the playbook for building a decentralized network + community from scratch.

2018-07-02 | Full Review


Ethereum is currently running laps around every other cryptocurrency in terms of protocol and ecosystem development — and it's not even close.

2018-12-04 | Full Review


DAI doesn't scale through arbing.

It scales b/c of a killer app: loans.

I can borrow $10,000 for a year and only pay 50 bucks in fees to do it.

Plus I don't have to sell my assets (e.g. ETH).

For most people there is nowhere on planet earth where you can get a loan that cheap.

2019-01-08 | Full Review


Consider the profile of most stablecoins today: USDC, TUSD and GUSD. They are largely dollar-backed coins by centralized companies. They are not private nor censorship resistant.

2018-12-22 | Full Review


A core tenet of Cosmos is that blockchains should be sovereign, meaning they are 100% in control of their own governance. In this world, ETH can fit into the internet of blockchains and its governance will continue to operate as it currently does.

2019-03-14 | Full Review


I truly believe Tezos is one of the most fascinating cryptocurrencies on the planet. They have been making thoughtful design decisions since launch that have flown completely under the radar, silently compounding.

2019-09-02 | Full Review

Massive blow to $TON investors as Telegram announces its cryptocurrency won't be integrated natively in the messenger app but rather in a standalone wallet.

90+% of the investment thesis for TON was having Telegram as a distribution channel.

2020-01-06 | Full Review