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Tetras Capital is a New York City hedge fund that invests in crypto assets.

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  • Brendan Bernstein on EOS Founding Partner of Tetras Capital

    If the moat of Ethereum (ETH) is this easy to break by EOS, won’t EOS’s be as well? Just a month ago, people thought ETH would be worth 15x BTC.

    Smart contract platforms' battle will be fun to watch, but in the end, they’ll all commoditize each other. This is a prisoners dilemma in action.

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  • Brendan Bernstein on Dentacoin Founding Partner of Tetras Capital

    The biggest question is if the entire market needs to be shaken out and if everything craters along with them.

    Institutional investors entering are a big part as well. I have a feeling they won't be investing in DeepBrain Chain and Dentacoin.

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  • Brendan Bernstein on Ethereum Founding Partner of Tetras Capital

    Only four applications have more than 500 daily active users. Ethereum's supposed use case of "decentralized applications" is clearly not where the usage is coming from — and yet blocks are still nearly full.

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  • Brendan Bernstein on Golem Founding Partner of Tetras Capital

    We're on the precipice of some major applications launching: Augur, Golem, MANA, CryptoKitties with $12m of funding, etc.

    Without Plasma and Sharding, I expect fees to go through the roof on ETH. And if fees are too high from low value "spam," real usage will be crowded out.

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  • Brendan Bernstein on Augur Founding Partner of Tetras Capital

    Heard a lot of claims that Augur will bring obscure bets online or obsolete bookies but many don’t realize that (1) most sport books have “obscure bets” if there’s demand and (2) bookies don’t hang in back alley ways anymore...

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  • Alex Sunnarborg on Decentraland Founder Partner at Tetras Capital

    Decentraland (and many other dApps) has a strong idea, tech, and [non-fungible] token (LAND), [but it has] questionable legal standing (ICO) and second [in-world currency] token (MANA)

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  • Brendan Bernstein on Kin Founding Partner of Tetras Capital

    [Kin is] catering to, and preying on, institutions that don't truly understand the space and likely have LP pressure to invest. It's much easier for them to get behind an investment with a CEO and a traditional user base. Kin was the first of this sort. I expect more to come

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