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Bruce Fenton

Bruce Fenton joined the Bitcoin Foundation in 2015. He was previously Managing Director at Atlantic Financial, and founded the Satoshi Roundtable in 2015.

Reviews by Bruce Fenton

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Cardano's rise is encouraging. In a sea of ICOs the market recognized & financially aligned with a project led by a very credentialed team w strong computer science & cryptography backgrounds who worked for years.

2017-12-19 | Full Review


verge had multiple algos at once and all kinds of security issues

2018-05-26 | Full Review


Bitcoin has an interesting property in that it was ethically issued and has ongoing ethics in its distribution: everyone knows the rules and takes risks based on how the code works. Incentives are aligned Most other projects don’t even attempt to duplicate this level of fairness

2018-09-26 | Full Review


I never cared about nor followed Ripple much but their complete dishonesty about the XRP issue is baffling and insulting. Their lies are going to turn me from indifferent to an active enemy of the project / company.

2018-10-04 | Full Review