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Charlie Shrem

Charlie Shrem is the founder of CryptoIQ, a trading desk for cryptocurrency. He was also a Founding Director of the Bitcoin Foundation, COO of Jaxx, and co-founder of Bitinstant.

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  • Charlie Shrem on Steem Founder of CryptoIQ

    STEEM is a good buy. It just reached 120k signups with 4k daily active users.

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  • Charlie Shrem on Bitcoin Cash Founder of CryptoIQ

    You know when a network gets unstable ? When you primitively increase the block size. Taking the easy way out is not a long term solution and will be the downfall of BCH. History teaches us that scaling the right way is always better than scaling the easier way.

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  • Charlie Shrem on EOS Founder of CryptoIQ

    EOS is forgoing immutability and creating a bad precedent like Ethereum did during the DAO hack. What happens when a state wants to censor a TX? I thought the point of blockchains is [ensuring] that *no one* could have the power.

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  • Charlie Shrem on Bancor Founder of CryptoIQ

    So the Bancor can freeze accounts, create new tokens and block transfers. Why do they need a Blockchain again?

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