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Elad Gil is an entrepreneur and investor. He worked as a product manager at Google, and a VP at Twitter. The company he co-founded, Mixer Labs, was acquired by Twitter in 2009.

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  • Elad Gil on Bitcoin Entrepreneur and Investor

    In the crypto world, Bitcoin is perceived as slow to change, clunky technologically, and as having bad governance. While all these things may be true, Bitcoin has strong network effects that will maintain its status as the primary value store in the short to medium term.

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  • Elad Gil on Ethereum Entrepreneur and Investor

    Ethereum has enormous developer interest and the second-largest market cap. It also has characteristics that could make it a good payment network. At a minimum, Ethereum is a likely "silver" to Bitcoin's "gold" status. There are some scenarios where Bitcoin collapses and Ethereum takes over as primary value store.

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  • Elad Gil on Monero Entrepreneur and Investor

    Over $20 trillion is believed to be stored in the Cayman Islands and in Swiss bank accounts. These offshore accounts are used due to their discretion and privacy. Digital privacy tokens like Monero and Zcash will subsume this use case over time.

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