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Fred Wilson is the co-founder of Union Square Ventures (USV), which launched in 1991. He has served on the board of directors of startups like Coinbase and Twitter.

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  • Fred Wilson on Numerai VC at Union Square Ventures

    Late last year, USV invested in Numerai, a hedge fund that uses data scientists all around the world to โ€œcrowdsourceโ€ stock price predictions. I blogged a bit about Numerai then.

    If that business model wasnโ€™t cutting-edge enough for you, the Numerai team has now gone a step further and issued a crypto-token called Numeraire to incent these data scientists to work together to build the best models instead of just competing with each other.

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  • Fred Wilson on Steem VC at Union Square Ventures

    To be clear, I donโ€™t think Steem has this all figured out. I donโ€™t own any Steem (or at least I donโ€™t think I do). And I think they have made things a bit too complicated with their tokens and incentives. To their credit, they have taken steps to simplify things, and they are headed in the right direction.

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  • Fred Wilson on Kin VC at Union Square Ventures

    We are also seeing signs that users like using crypto-assets in mobile and web apps. Kin, built by our portfolio company Kik, has become one of the most used cryptocurrencies in the world.

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  • Fred Wilson on Bitcoin VC at Union Square Ventures

    Bitcoin is the one protocol that has found lasting product-market fit. In terms of a censorship proof digital store of wealth, there is nothing that comes close to Bitcoin. There are some protocols, like the privacy-focused ones, that offer similar and in some cases better use cases. But for the most part, Bitcoin is our digital gold.

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  • Fred Wilson on Ethereum VC at Union Square Ventures

    Ethereum . . . confounds me. It has shown the way to so many important things; smart contracts, programmable trust-free computing, potentially proof of stake, and a lot more. But it remains hard to build on, scaling issues abound, and many developers are looking elsewhere.

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  • Fred Wilson on USD Coin VC at Union Square Ventures

    Crypto dollars, like other crypto assets, ride on crypto rails. I can send my crypto dollars from my Coinbase wallet to your Coinbase wallet, your Ledger wallet, or many other crypto wallets.

    USDC is built on Ethereum and is an ERC-20 token. So it uses crypto standards to ride on these crypto rails.

    But more than all of that, USDC are programmable dollars. This is a big deal. Kind of like the difference between an MP3 file and song on a cassette tape. Once an asset is natively digital, without any strings attached, and can be programmed and routed digitally, interesting things happen.

    If you have cash balances in your Coinbase account, consider using at least some of them to buy USDC. Then send them around to friends and family. It will feel like using Venmo today. But that is just the start of a lot more to come once programmers start building apps that accept USDC and other crypto assets.

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