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Jimmy Song teaches Bitcoin and blockchain software development at Programming Blockchain. He's a venture partner at Blockchain Capital and a Bitcoin Core contributor.

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  • Jimmy Song on Bitcoin SV Instructor at Programming Blockchain

    When Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV get to mining cost equilibrium, assuming their prices are both $100, the cost to reorganize 6-blocks will be $7,500 (12.5 block reward with almost no fees x $100 x 6 blocks ). In 1.5 years that cost halves. Still think a fee market is ridiculous?

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  • Jimmy Song on Bitcoin Instructor at Programming Blockchain

    Bitcoin is something that is natural, decentralized, uncontrolled and digital. This is something that didn’t exist before Satoshi invented it in 2008 and I would argue, doesn’t exist with any other cryptocurrency. This is the key to Bitcoin’s usefulness as money. Scarcity is the first thing that’s required without which its proposition as money crumbles.

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  • Jimmy Song on Bitcoin Cash Instructor at Programming Blockchain

    Bitmain is the central bank of BCH. Bitmain has tried to maintain a peg to their reserve currency, BTC, and has failed. Bitmain has failed to keep the peg at 0.15 BTC, 0.12 BTC and recently capitulated the 0.1 BTC level. This is a central bank selling its reserves to keep its peg to another currency. What’s worse, much like a central bank, they’re running out of reserves and BCH will finally float on the market instead of having the artificially inflated value that it has now.

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