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John McAfee founded McAfee Associates, an antivirus company, in 1987.

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  • John McAfee on Golem Founder of McAfee Antivirus

    [Golem] is a decentralized way of using your spare computing power in conjoined effort with any other member of the community to help massive projects otherwise impossible to accomplish. I like conservation in software.

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  • John McAfee on Verge Founder of McAfee Antivirus

    I like Verge. Having difficulty acquiring it though.

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  • John McAfee on Dogecoin Founder of McAfee Antivirus

    DOGE is an investment in the playful spirit that nourished the early developers and adopters of cryptocurrerncy. Sadly, that smiling spirit has been largely replaced by seriousness, anger and dry self-interest.

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  • John McAfee on Monero Founder of McAfee Antivirus

    With Bitcoin or Ethereum, once you have transacted anything with your wallet, the person you transacted with can look at your wallet, see how much is in there, see how much you're spending, see which wallet it's going to, [and] see how much you've received.

    If your bank provided that information to anybody who wanted it, would you be happy with your bank? I don't think so.

    With privacy coinsβ€”and I keep saying Monero was the first and I still think the best, certainly the one used the most on the dark web . . . β€” nobody can see anything.

    You can give them your wallet and they can see jack shit about what's in yours. They don't know who you are or where you came from. People looking at it don't know what you bought, who you bought it from, or what you sold or who you sold it to.

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  • John McAfee on Ethereum Founder of McAfee Antivirus

    Ethereum is trashed more than any currency, and yet no currency is more necessary and central due to its smart contract platform that is used by more than 50% of all new altcoins. It's like everyone values water, but not the containers it is carried in.

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  • John McAfee on Stellar Founder of McAfee Antivirus

    Lumen (XLM) - called Stellar by some - though Stellar is the name of the network that created the coins. One of the fastest and cheapest crypto transactions. Lumens facilitate the financing of Third World projects and is called by some β€œThe next Bitcoin”.

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  • John McAfee on Bitcoin Founder of McAfee Antivirus

    Eat my dick in 12 months?

    A ruse to onboard new users. It worked.

    Bitcoin was first. It's an ancient technology. All know it.

    Newer blockchains have privacy, smart contracts, distributed apps and more.

    Bitcoin is our future?

    Was the Model T the future of the automobile?

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