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Matthew Green is an assistant professor in computer science at Johns Hopkins University. He co-created the Zerocash protocol, which is used by the ZCash cryptocurrency, and he was a founding scientist at the Zcash Company.

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  • Matthew Green on IOTA Professor in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins

    A quick reminder that it’s November 2018 and IOTA *still* depends on a centralized server to keep their network from forking.

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  • Matthew Green on Ethereum Professor in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins

    It’s pretty amazing that we’re seeing bugs only in "third-party code" and not flaws in core elements of the Ethereum protocols and clients. That’s an amazing accomplishment.

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  • Matthew Green on EOS Professor in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins

    EOS is struggling now because they chose to do token/coin voting, and all those tokens are held in exchanges (or holders are apathetic). As some of the Bitcoin Core devs pointed out, this solution has come up and been dismissed many times. Why didn’t EOS know this?

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  • Matthew Green on Bitcoin Professor in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins

    Transaction demand is to some extent a function of the number of people simply holding the currency. Even if my main use case is holding, I’m still going to have to enter and leave the network.

    This wouldn’t matter much if Bitcoin had loads of on-chain capacity, but the current capacity limits (likely to hold for a while) will turn even modest global adoption — just by people who do the minimum transacting possible — into a capacity problem.

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  • Matthew Green on Monero Professor in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins

    Monero had one bug that happened to be detectable. But this is not the rule, it was a lucky break. The complexity will go up as they try to reduce transaction sizes (using more Bulletproofs) and increase the number of mixins to reasonable values.

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  • Matthew Green on Tether Professor in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins

    The faster Tether vaporizes and sinks into the sea, the faster we can move on to the next massive cryptocurrency scam — which the same people will defend to the hilt even as it destroys the people who trust them.

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