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Saifedean Ammous

Saifedean Ammous is Assistant Professor of Economics at the Lebanese American University.

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Monero is so centralized and editable [that] its devs can clandestinely plan surprise hard forks without miner manufacturers finding out. Good luck having that kind of shitcoin sustain any kind of government attack. . . . Anonymity is not a switch you can flick on.

2018-03-30 | Full Review


Researching altcoins and astonished at their idiocy. Ripple is even stupider than Ethereum, but Steem has got to be the stupidest of them all.

2016-08-13 | Full Review


While I still believe Litecoin is just another pointless alt, I think Satoshi Lite genuinely believes it's digital silver and it helps BTC.

2018-05-20 | Full Review


Augur is an excellent example of a thoroughly stupid idea masquerading as a solution to a problem that doesn't exist, like all ICOs. The only point to its existence is to allow the scammers behind it to sell a ponzi token destined to go to zero in the hands of suckers

2018-03-28 | Full Review


Bitcoin isn't "cool" or "awesome" new tech. It's an ugly contraption optimized to be neutral apolitical money, not for your user experience. It's not the toy you want, it's the medicine you need.

Like it or not, it's your best chance for living in a free market with sound money.

2018-12-05 | Full Review


Tezos is just an offshoot scam that happened when a paper-pusher at R3 realized that hype is all that's needed to sell vaporware to morons.

2018-06-07 | Full Review