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Ryan Selkis is founder and CEO of Messari, an open data library for crypto. Selkis was previously a managing director at Coindesk, and was also a director of growth at the Digital Currency Group.

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But the company is managing a “bridge currency” [XRP] that they package to retail investors, who buy on the assumption that they are front-running big bank purchasers.

2018-04-05 | Full Review


We’re still talking about EOS like it’s a utility token/commodity. I don’t understand why it needs to be held in reserve at an $11 billion valuation pre-launch.

2018-04-24 | Full Review


NEO's "Ethereum but China" pitch reminds me of Litecoin's "Bitcoin but Scrypt" pitch in 2013. A long, dark winter followed.

2017-08-13 | Full Review


Super bullish on tokens that must be staked as part of ML tournaments, like proof-of-human-work. Aside from Numerai, who's doing it well?

2017-09-12 | Full Review


Seriously, what the fuck is NEM? I'm grabbing a beer.

2017-05-18 | Full Review


0x just keeps shipping. One of the best in the industry at keeping the blinders on and building.

2018-05-16 | Full Review


Very few token projects are producing or even planning to produce cash flow for holders. But CF doesn't preclude a token from being a utility: Filecoin, Golem, Numerai, etc. are utilities that should be CF+. Instead, we've written off revenue generation...just like the dotbombs.

2018-05-21 | Full Review

The more I'm reading and talking to people, the higher probability I assign to $BCH beating $BTC. Still an underdog, but I'm not convinced my assumptions about $BTC having the economic majority are still correct.

2017-11-15 | Full Review

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