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Larry Sukernik

Larry Sukernik works as an investor at the Digital Currency Group, an institutional trading firm focused on cryptocurrency.

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I re-read this piece from late 2015 on the Stellar / Ripple drama. The fact that both companies are alive and well today took me by surprise.

2017-12-14 | Full Review


What Numerai is doing is extremely exciting. A data science hedge fund with open, encrypted data.

2016-12-13 | Full Review


I did a light diligence of XRB last night and came away cringing. They called their blockchain a block lattice. Everything else about it was pretty cringeworthy too.

2017-12-27 | Full Review


I never understood the excitement surrounding Augur. Perhaps I would like it more if it made a better case for why decentralized prediction markets are needed. This isn't at all convincing.

2018-01-30 | Full Review