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Beam is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that implements the MimbleWimble protocol.

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If you prefer your [Mimblewimble] implementation to have some VC flavor, there’s the Beam project, with a pre-sale and centralized team!

2018-10-07 | Full Review


If you're interested in cutting edge cypherpunk protocols you should be keeping an eye on Grin and Beam. . . If the tech works then it ought to be a pretty good way to make private payments.

2018-09-12 | Full Review


I don't think there's much of a difference between an ICO like Ethereum or a private presale like Zcash / Beam.

It's still taking open source tech, forking it, changing some things and selling tokens for millions of dollars while also keeping tokens for yourself.

Feels icky.

Brad Mills, Analyst at Alphabit Digital Currency Fund

2019-01-02 | Full Review


I don’t quite know what to make of Beam. It feels a bit like a money grab but I’m 100% willing to change my opinion on that

2018-11-21 | Full Review

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