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Zcoin is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that uses zero-knowledge proofs for anonymous transactions.

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In regards to privacy, XMR, ZEC and GRIN are the only good options. Zcoin protocol may be ok in narrow circumstances, but some privacy isn't much better than no privacy in general. The common theme is the use of zero knowledge cryptography.

2018-12-10 | Full Review


Zcoin claim to have more active development than Monero. In truth, they're pushing 1/10th of Monero's commits of which (I'd expect) the bulk are just cherry-picked commits from Bitcoin.

2018-07-28 | Full Review


The Zcoin trusted setup is *really* clever: they reused a pubkey generated 25 years ago for the RSA Factoring Challenge.

2018-01-16 | Full Review


I can't even take Zcoin seriously after there was a minting vulnerability that would have been prevented by -Wunused-comparison (I don't know about 2016, but GCC definitely enables it by default now; either way all security projects need -Wall -Wextra -Werror).

2018-04-12 | Full Review

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