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Qiao Wang

Qiao Wang is an engineer at Messari, an open-source data library for cryptocurrencies.


Reviews by Qiao Wang

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Dai is backed by collateral (currently ethers). In fact, it is overcollateralized. The obvious risk is that if the collateral becomes worthless then Dai becomes worthless.

2018-05-20 | Full Review


You heard it here first: There’s no way to programmatically verify TRON’s monetary supply. Crypto people, instead bashing people with genuinely good intentions, focus your energy on real scams like TRON.

2018-11-16 | Full Review


Bitcoin’s strongest moat is that it’s the only leaderless cryptonetwork. . . Satoshi could leave right at the beginning because Bitcoin was already “good enough”. It was based on 30 years worth of work in cryptography and computational game theory. But all other cryptos aren’t “good enough” to overcome Bitcoin’s network effect and switching cost.

2018-05-22 | Full Review


Based on what I’ve seen over the last couple of months, there’s a real chance that EOS will surpass Ethereum in 1 year in terms of developer activity and user adoption. But I still wouldn’t want to hold EOS as a long-term SoV due to its censorability.

2018-11-17 | Full Review

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