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Qiao Wang is an engineer at Messari, an open-source data library for cryptocurrencies.

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  • Qiao Wang on Dai Engineering at Messari

    Dai is backed by collateral (currently ethers). In fact, it is overcollateralized. The obvious risk is that if the collateral becomes worthless then Dai becomes worthless.

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  • Qiao Wang on Bitcoin Engineering at Messari

    Bitcoin’s strongest moat is that it’s the only leaderless cryptonetwork. . . Satoshi could leave right at the beginning because Bitcoin was already “good enough”. It was based on 30 years worth of work in cryptography and computational game theory. But all other cryptos aren’t “good enough” to overcome Bitcoin’s network effect and switching cost.

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  • Qiao Wang on Tron Engineering at Messari

    You heard it here first: There’s no way to programmatically verify TRON’s monetary supply.

    Crypto people, instead of bashing people with genuinely good intentions focus your energy on real scams like TRON.

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  • Qiao Wang on USD Coin Engineering at Messari

    Frankly, to this day, I feel 10x more comfortable holding USDC or GUSD than the Dai, because I trust the operational excellence of Coinbase and Gemini.

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  • Qiao Wang on Grin Engineering at Messari

    I don’t see how Grin can win if it’s not differentiated enough from Monero (both tech and community). Open to be proven wrong.

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  • Qiao Wang on EOS Engineering at Messari

    Almost everyone in the West underestimates EOS, and I get a lot of shit from people whenever I say anything positive about EOS.

    But the fact is crypto is a global phenomenon, EOS ecosystem is mostly based in Asia, and people don't recognize the informational bubble they live in.

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